an archived site about computer graphics and motion design


What is gutsblow? What is this site?

gutsblow is nothing but one of my first Internet Messaging ID’s and it just became popular among my friend circles. So I don’t mind people calling my real name Satya or my virtual name gutsblow.

How did you design your website? What is the CMS?

The CMS is Textpattern . The Theme is based on Donald Swain’s Aleksandr theme. Even though I experimented with many platforms like Wordpress and Indexihibit ,I wanted a nice fusion of both. Later on, I found Textpattern as an ideal solution. I always try to include my latest works on this website, but this is not just a portfolio/business card style website. It is more like a blog of my opinions and ideas in various fields.

What are your main interests?

I am not a professional programmer, but I have a strong passion for creative code and generative art. Even though I come from a science background, I am very interested in politics, movies, animation and design. This website mostly deals with topics related to animation,visualization and code.

Are you employed?

No. I am still a student right now, but I am always interested to work in various projects. Feel free to contact me.