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Inspiration - Air 'Electronic Performers'

One day, I was searching for something and I accidentally came across this Masterpiece.

It is certainly an old one, but it reminds me of the following 3D Spectrum piece done by me in Adobe After Effects recently. I also wrote a Tutorial a couple of months ago.

First of all, my piece is no match to the Masterpiece created by Onedotzero for BUF in 1999. Actually, mine was just a 3D Audio Spectrum with respect to time on the Z-axis. But the ‘Electronic Performers’ is a visually stunning portrayal of neuro-synaptic connections and senses experienced by the body, which is reactive to the audio in the background. I love the attention to detail and the subtleness in this piece. Many of us, (including me) just create a scene setup and hook up various frequencies to the spatial properties of the elements in the scene and let the audio control it’s animation and look. Even though, it looks good many times, sometimes it’s not interesting to watch it, after a few seconds into the piece. Even for audio-reactive pieces (Offline, not Real-Time), there has to be a compelling story in the background that drives the animation.

Also I am pretty sure they used a custom algorithm to generate the initial landscape that is reactive to audio because I highly doubt the possibility of such animations in main stream commercial programs in the year 1999. They integrated it very well with the 3D artwork.