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Restricted Perlin Noise [W.I.P]

It’s almost Thanksgiving and that means only one thing, more free time. I have been pretty busy over the past couple of months and finally had some time to revisit my ‘Work In Progress’ personal projects. The following video is a rough draft/ test composition I created in Quartz Composer.

It is a much complex version of a project I did long time ago in AE. Even though I love working in After Effects, there are some things that just doesn’t sound sane when I try to do them in AE. So I created this composition in Quartz Composer using Kineme’s GL Tools. The idea behind this animation is to create a Particle system that is enclosed in an invisible cube and the particles bind/connect themselves with lines when their distance is close. This is just a bare bones implementation without any custom forces or interactivity. The next challenge is to make this piece audio reactive, which isn’t possible in Quartz Composer unless I use OpenCL. But the current version of GLTools doesn’t support structures from OpenCL to make the wonder happen! So I have no choice, but to port it to Processing. The Processing port is pretty straightforward and had a much more decent frame rate than QC with iterators. I will explain more details and will also release the source in the next update.